Global Impact of Dementia: World Alzheimer Report 2015

The World Alzheimer Report 2015: ‘The Global Impact of Dementia: An analysis of prevalence, incidence, cost and trends’, released this month, has found that there are currently around 46.8 million people living with dementia around the world, with numbers projected to nearly double every 20 years, increasing to 74.7 million by 2030 and 131.5 million by 2050. There are over 9.9 million new cases of dementia each year worldwide, implying one new case every 3.2 seconds.


The report shows that the current annual societal and economic cost of dementia is US $818 billion, and it is expected to become a trillion dollar disease in just three years’ time. The findings show that the cost of dementia has increased by 35% since the 2010 World Alzheimer Report.

Should UK society adjust to dementia?

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published How can and should UK society adjust to dementia? This paper aims to stimulate debate about new ways forward in understanding, and ways to meet the needs of the growing number of people living with dementia. The publication explores the application of the social model of disability to dementia. It looks in detail at what this social model is, and where it has come from, bringing together the authors’ interests in disability and ageing, and training in disability studies and health and social geography.

Dementia: a public health priority

The World Health Authority has published Dementia: a public health priority.  Jointly developed by WHO and Alzheimer’s Disease International, this report aims to raise awareness of dementia as a public health priority, to articulate a public health approach and to advocate for action at international and national levels.  The report is expected to facilitate governments, policy-makers, and other stakeholders to address the impact of dementia as an increasing threat to global health. It is hoped that the report will promote dementia as a public health and social care priority worldwide.

Additional link: WHO press release

Dementia Today and Tomorrow

This report, from the Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Society, summarises the emerging consensus and outcomes developed from a series of events and initiatives which aimed to collect the views of people interested in improving services for people with dementia and their carers. The “Dementia Today and Tomorrow” report:

  1. Evaluates progress made since the National Dementia Strategy (2009) and Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge (2012).
  2. Identifies issues and challenges remaining.
  3. Considers aims and targets for the next five years.
  4. Discusses what good dementia care and support should look like by 2020.

Reference: Dementia today and tomorrow: a new deal for people with dementia and their carers.