NHS hospitals wind back the clock for dementia care

NHS hospitals are going back to the future to help patients with dementia by decorating their wards, rooms and corridors in 1940s and 1950s style – creating a calming, familiar environment which can help jog memories, reduce anxiety and distress | via NHS England


Providing the best care for people with dementia and with their families is a key priority for NHS England. With the dementia diagnoses rate among older people at a record high, the Long Term Plan puts in place the building blocks for an effective and compassionate older people’s health service.

Hospitals across the country have revamped their dementia ward decor, with innovations ranging from a ‘memories pub’ to 1950s style ‘reminiscence rooms’ and even a cinema booth where patients can watch old films.

With support from local charities and staff bringing in donations, hospitals like Airedale Hospital in West Yorkshire are going the extra mile to provide a stimulating environment for patients with dementia. In Ward six, patients can relax in a ‘butterfly tea room’ complete with shop front wall mural and vintage memorabilia including a red telephone box. These items from bygone eras can give patients conversational cues and help them talk about the memories they still retain.

Full story: NHS hospitals go back to the future for dementia care | NHS England

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