Signs and symptoms of young onset dementia

Young Dementia Network have produced a downloadable resource for anyone who has concerns about signs and symptoms of young onset dementia.

  • Over 42,000 people are living with young onset dementia in the UK.
  • The early signs of dementia vary from person to person but often affect more than memory, particularly in a younger person.
  • Symptoms of young onset dementia can mirror, and be confused with, those of other conditions such as depression, menopause and stress. Dementia may be overlooked in a younger person.

list-2389219_1280This checklist is intended to help a person to be aware of the most common signs and  symptoms of young onset dementia and record changes and symptoms they may be experiencing. The information can be used to provide prompts for a conversation with a GP or health professional. It is not intended to be a diagnostic tool.

The leaflet can be accessed here

To find out more information about young onset dementia visit

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