GP online services

Dementia UK have produced a new leaflet with the Royal College of General Practitioners, explaining GP online services for people who care for someone with dementia. Patients can now book appointments, manage repeat prescriptions, and see test results online.

GP dementia
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Online GP services are designed so patients can:

  • make, change or cancel GP appointments, without having to telephone the practice. Patients can access the online services 24 hours a day, see what appointments are free in the coming days, and choose to see a particular doctor or nurse
  • request repeat prescriptions. Patients can also see a list of regularly prescribed medication, the prescribed dose, and when their next prescription is due
  • look up test results, as well as monitor their health by comparing with historic test results
  • see the medical notes on file, including diagnoses, any allergies, immunisations, and past surgery.
  • see their medical notes wherever they are. This can be useful if medical attention is required when on holiday or traveling

Find out more by reading the new leaflet:

GP online services. Information for the carer of a person with dementia

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