How the Dementia Access Taskforce is breaking through barriers for future treatments

One year on from the launch of the Dementia Access Taskforce, Melody Paton Borchardt looks at how the work of the Dementia Access Taskforce is breaking through barriers for future treatments | Alzheimer’s Research UK

The Dementia Access Taskforce is a partnership which brings together charities, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, government and people impacted by dementia. The group works to ensure early and accurate diagnosis is available and to prepare so future treatments reach people quickly.  Last year, the taskforce looked at the challenges future treatments for dementia might face in getting to people who need them.

These included:

  • the potential cost
  • the number of people with dementia
  • the resources needed for people to access a new treatment on the NHS.

Over the last year, the group has identified possible barriers for future treatments and created a plan to develop solutions.

The group has three main areas of focus:

  1. Earlier and accurate diagnosis.
  2. Cost of treatments and how to measure their value.
  3. Impact on the health system.

Full article at Alzheimer’s Research UK

Read more about the Dementia Access Taskforce here.


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