Dementia 2020 challenge: progress review

This document summarises the views of stakeholders on the progress of the challenge on dementia so far and sets out actions for the final 2 years of the challenge | Department of Health and Social Care

In 2015, the Dementia 2020 Challenge was launched. The Challenge aims to
make England, by 2020, the best country in the world for dementia care, support,
research and awareness. The Challenge identified 18 key commitments under four
themes: Dementia Awareness; Health and Care Delivery; Risk Reduction; and
Research and Funding.

Since then, significant progress has been made. The Dementia Diagnosis Rate is
above the Challenge’s target of 66.7%. There are now 2.78 million Dementia
Friends and 412 Communities have committed to becoming Dementia Friendly in
England and Wales (as of January 2019), and over one million NHS staff have
attended dementia awareness raising sessions.

During 2018, stakeholders from the health and social care system, and the charitable sector, were asked to comment on the progress of the actions set out in the Challenge on dementia 2020 implementation plan and what else needed to be done to complete them.

This report summarises the responses and sets out revised actions for 2018 to 2020.

Full report: Dementia 2020 Challenge: 2018 Review Phase 1

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