BBC Music website offers dementia lifeline

Evidence shows that music can help people with dementia to feel and live better. Now, a new BBC website aims to help by connecting dementia patients with the songs they love. | Via BBC

record-player-1149385_1920 (1)

The new ‘Music Memories’ site  launched as part of BBC Music Day allows people to browse more than 1,800 songs, classical works and TV theme tunes from the last 100 years, creating a playlist of personally meaningful music. Those playlists can then be shared – along with some basic information about the user’s age, gender and place of birth – allowing carers to identify songs that could help others with a similar background.

Eventually, it’s hoped the site will build a database of music that’s effective at triggering memories.

“Music can have such a powerful effect,” said Snow Patrol star Gary Lightbody, whose father suffers from dementia. “It fires all sorts of things in the brain much more immediately than anything else can, whether it be pictures or old home movies or conversations. Music can somehow take you to a place of your youth, or an important part of your life you may not otherwise have access to.”

Beyond that, music therapy has been shown to alleviate depression, anxiety, hallucinations and mobility problems in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.

Full story at BBC

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