Discussing the MARQUE Study – Managing Agitation in Dementia

University College London  | MARQUE

Scientists at University College London (UCL) are involved in MARQUE (Managaing Agitation and Raising Quality of life), a five year long study taking place all over England. MARQUE aims to increase knowledge about dementia, agitation and personhood. Agitation is extremely common in people with dementia and causes distress to themselves, family carers and paid carers. Agitation is currently tackled on an individual level, not an organisation level (via UCL).

The research responds to the government’s ‘Challenge on Dementia’ and aims to

  • Build on theories of personhood in dementia to understand agitation, resilience and compassion to improve public debate and discourse.
  • Make agitation as much as a part of dementia care as risk assessment.
  • To improve and maintain quality of life in people with dementia whether at home, in a care home or in hospital.

More information about MARQUE can be found from UCL here 

A podcast has been released by Dementia Researcher, in it researchers Francesca La Frenais, and Dr Penny Rapaport from the Division of Psychiatry at UCL talk about the MARQUE Study, and how their work is helping us to understand what causes agitation. The scientists also explain how the interventions tested in this study are improving quality of life for those living with dementia, and helping carers.

Image source: dementiaresearcher.nihr.ac.uk

You can listen to the podcast at Dementia Reseracher

Alternatively, you can listen via SoundCloud 

Dementia Researcher |  April 2018 | Discussing the MARQUE Study – Managing Agitation in Dementia

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