NHS Health Check: Dementia

A range of tools and resources on Dementia Risk Reduction

  • The NHS Health Check dementia leaflet has been developed to support the dementia information given to those aged 65-74 years of age during their appointment.  These leaflets are available to order free of charge in a variety of formats and languages through the Department of Health order line
  • NHS Health Check’s top tips draw on current evidence and aims to help inform local decisions on how the NHS Health Check programme is delivered.
  • The revised NHS Health Check 30 minute e-learning for practitioners to introduce the dementia risk reduction component, updated January 2018
  • A page providing links to Training tools and resourcesThese include:
    • 3 Videos-1) Dementia and the NHS Health Check; 2) Delivering the dementia component; 3) A walk through the dementia leaflet
    • A slide set on ‘Helping your brain to stay healthy’
    • NHS Health Check Dementia Component-Prompt sheet for Health Care Practitioners
    • References and statistics to support the dementia NHS Health Check slide deck
    • How to use the NHS Health Check dementia leaflet in your appointments

The video below highlights ways to reduce the risk of developing dementia:


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