Dementia research must study care as well as cure

In this article, Doug Brown, Chief policy and research officer at Azheimers Society explores research investment in dementia.  He finds that there is a strong focus on finding a cure, with less than 5% of funding studying the best possible care for those affected | Story via The Guardian

The need for a cure for dementia is as pressing as ever, but we also need care research to develop practical solutions that can benefit people with the condition and their carers. In this article, Doug Brown argues that Improving knowledge and practices among health and social care professionals, as well as the quality and inclusivity of the wider system, is just as important as developing medical treatments.

A new Alzheimer’s Society report asked researchers, people with dementia, and the professionals who support them to help create a roadmap for the research needed to deliver these improvements. The roadmap offers five key goals:

  • Increase knowledge of risk factors to prevent future cases of dementia
  • Maximise the benefits of seeking and receiving a dementia diagnosis
  •  Improve quality of life for people affected by dementia
  •  Enable the dementia workforce to deliver improved practice
  •  Optimise quality and inclusivity of health and social care systems

These broad research goals are broken down into recommendations and an action plan that will help achieve them.

Full article via The Guardian

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