Promising Approaches to living well with dementia

According to Age UK, 1 in 3 people with dementia are not receiving the NHS support they need.  Age UK has warns of an urgent and growing need to provide much better support for individuals diagnosed with dementia.  The press release is available here 

In response to these findings, Age UK has published a report which outlines a  a number of interventions that are evidenced, cost effective and scalable, and which could be replicated by NHS Trusts, care providers and primary care services.

promising approaches to dementia
Image source: Age UK

This report  focuses on  what works in supporting people with dementia to live well –looking at services and supports beyond the traditional domains of health and care services.It was developed through a programme of work rooted in a rights-based approach to
dementia, and in the social model of disability. The programme focused on what people with dementia told Age UK ‘living well’ meant to them.


The key factors identified were broadly grouped under three domains of quality of life:
• personal wellbeing
• positive relationships
• active daily lives.

The report showcases approaches which relate to these three domains, either directly or by  improving key aspects of life which people with dementia said were related to their quality of  life (such as social connection, sense of self-worth, getting on with day-to-day activities).

It also proposes a new framework for understanding these approaches, to help to make sense of the way in which these approaches could be brought together in communities. Alongside this it also signposts interventions, and  there are also a number of case studies from a number of organisations, programmes and services.

Age UK| Promising Approaches to living well with dementia 

The report can be downloaded from Age UK here 


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