Dementia Assessment and Referral to GPs: DeAR-GP (NICE / HIN)

Dementia and Elderly Care News


It was already known that between 75% – 89% of care home residents have dementia, but many of these persons do not receive a diagnosis. The Health Innovation Network (HIN) worked with five care homes to design the Dementia Assessment Referral to GP (DeAR-GP) tool.

DeAR-GP is a case finding tool which assists care workers in care homes to identify and support residents showing signs of dementia or confusion. The aim is to achieve better referrals to GPs or other healthcare professionals for prompt review and post-diagnostic support.

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Dementia Assessment Referral to GP (DeAR-GP). [Online]: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Health Innovation Network (HIN), June 2017.

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de Waal, H. [and] Jackson, A. (2016). DeAR-GP aids referrals. Nursing Older People. May…

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