Exercising can protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease

Physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study concludes. 


Research published in BMC Public Health also confirmed that regular physical activity may improve the performance of daily activities for people afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

Authors looked at data from more than 150 research articles about the impact of physical activity on people with Alzheimer’s. Some of the work explored how physical activity improves the patient’s quality of life and the others examined the risk of developing Alzheimer’s based on the amount of activity in which an individual participated.

The authors concluded that regular physical activity improves activities of daily living and mobility in older adults with Alzheimer’s and may improve general cognition and balance. They also established that older adults not diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who are physically active, were significantly less likely to develop the disease compared to people who were inactive.

Full reference: Martin Ginis, K. et. al. Formulation of evidence-based messages to promote the use of physical activity to prevent and manage Alzheimer’s disease.  BMC Public Health. 2017 17:209.

Story via Science Daily

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