Care in hospitalized patients with dementia

Patira, R. et al. Aging & Mental Health | Published online: 22 March 2017


Background: Hospitalization is an opportunity to address various aspects related to management of dementia, including the goals of care to avoid futile care. We studied the prevalence of these factors when patients with dementia are hospitalized.

Results: In patients with dementia, co-morbidities and vascular disease burden were frequent. When these patients were hospitalized, use of psychotropic medications, invasive procedures, and multi-specialty consultations was common. Tests of mental status, screening for reversible causes, and use of FDA-approved medications for dementia is less common. Despite the lack of advance directives, goals of care were infrequently discussed. When goals of care were discussed, proxy decision-maker preferred palliative care and long-term institutionalization on discharge.

Conclusion: Goals of care and other aspects of management are not fully addressed in hospitalized patients with dementia.

Read the full abstract here

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