UK dementia cases fell 20% between 1989 and 2011

White, C. OnMedica. Published online: 20 April 2016

The prevalence of dementia in the UK may not be increasing as fast as has been feared, say researchers after reporting a 20% drop in the numbers of new cases diagnosed between 1989 and 2011 in a study published online in Nature Communications.

Image source: Matthews, F.E. et al.- Nature Communications

The researchers compared the actual number of dementia cases in the UK with figures from earlier decades and previous predictions.

Between their two sample periods of 1989-94 and 2008-11, the incidence of the disease fell by 20%—but predominantly in men, among whom new cases in those over 80 almost halved during those periods, the findings show.

Two thirds of new cases will be in women, who seem to be at a higher risk of developing dementia than men, irrespective of their longevity advantage over men, the findings indicate.

View the full commentary here

View the original research abstract here

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