On the Influence of Primary Care Quality Upon Hospital Admissions by People with Dementia in England: Exploring the Limits of Intervention (CHE / PloS One / BMJ)

Dementia and Elderly Care News


A recent study by the Centre for Health Economics (CHE) found that GP practices which review their dementia patients as part of Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) tend to have relatively fewer emergency hospital admissions by persons with dementia. There was a shorter average length of hospital stay for people with dementia discharged to community.

The impacts of QOF were relatively modest however, according to this briefing on the impact of the quality of dementia care upon the interface between primary and secondary care (i.e. concerning the practical scope for reducing hospital admissions, avoidable re-admissions, length of stay etc).

Executive Summary


Higher quality dementia care. York: Centre for Health Economics (University of York), January 28th 2016.

This relates to an earlier article:

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Kasteridis, P. Mason, AR. [and] Goddard, MK. [et al] (2015). The influence of primary care quality on hospital admissions for peopleā€¦

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