Building a Dementia Inclusive Society: Highlights From Recent Bupa UK Webinar (Bupa UK / DigitasLBi)

Dementia and Elderly Care News


The “Building a Dementia Friendly Society” webinar, hosted by Bupa UK, held on Tuesday October 20th 2015, arrived at the following conclusions:

  1. While the focus in the UK is on building a dementia-friendly society, we need to start thinking about dementia-inclusive societies.
  2. Education will eradicate stigma and prejudices around dementia.
  3. Dementia informed workplaces are crucial as the number of people with working age dementia is increasing.
  4. Concerns for carers of people living with dementia are primarily anxiety, agitation and sleeplessness (not memory loss per se).
  5. Assistive technology can help, but ethical issues exist.

Presented with permission from Bupa UK and DigitasLBi.

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Discussing dementia: building an inclusive society. [Online]: Bupa UK, November 3rd 2015.

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