Screening all 75 year olds for dementia has potential

via Research scan – Health Foundation.

This study examined the likely cost-effectiveness of a one-off screening test for dementia for people aged 75 years in England and Wales. A computer model was used to estimate costs based on data from systematic reviews and research. The researchers estimated that about 3,514 people may be diagnosed as a result of screening, 2,152 of whom may not otherwise receive a diagnosis. The societal economic impact was between 3.6 million pounds in net costs and 4.7 million pounds net savings, depending on assumptions. This means that screening could be cost-effective but only if treatments and social care interventions become more effective.
Reference: Dixon J, Ferdinand M, D’Amico F, Knapp M. Exploring the cost-effectiveness of a one-off screen for dementia (for people aged 75 years in England and Wales). International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 2015 Apr;30(5):446-452.

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